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The Indian Fashion industry has largely been an unorganized dominant industry. But the shift to organized is visible with many brands investing in the industry and helping the preference for brands.

The Indian fashion industry is a key industry and has immense social and economic contributions as regards generating employment for weaker sections. With rising disposable incomes of the customer, the domestic market is booming and the industry has growth of over 16% annually. Clothing has moved to the fashion category rather than just being a basic human need, the consumer is indulging in more than a single pair and is also ready to pay a higher price which has resulted in the organized market growing by over 27% making it one of the desired industry to invest in and has led to resulted in most national brands having exclusive showrooms. 


The New Age Digitally Connected Stores Half Ticket 

The new Half Ticket's policy of hand holding at every step and ensuring that the ROI goals are met is very encouraging for business.

The Difference we can make

We invite the entrepreneur to join the Half Ticket family a strong team to build a business that adds respect and profits. We serve over 100,000 clients every year and allow fashion trends that provide superior looks and value at reasonable prices. We cater to the entire family allowing the retailer to offer a wider choice to the consumer and a range that suits every market and provide flexibility to cater to the audience who come to a showroom depending upon its location and market being catered to.

We have a perfect choice for everyone and one for each of their needs. From school shoes to sports, from ballerinas to comfortable slip ons, from corporate formals to relaxed casuals allowing the retailer to provide the widest range of footwear options to the consumer. Besides the footwear options a wide range of accessories like shoe care products, back packs, belts,wallets, travel bags and handbags for women are also part of the merchandise.

We make our experience successfully running stores work for you

Our Franchisee Success Program helps the franchisee every step of the way to ensure they remain a successful Half Ticket Partner.

Building from scratch

For the new applicants our Project team works closely to indentify the most suitable site of the stop and suggests the most effective site plan that will help attract a significantly increased number of cutomers.

Getting the looks rights

Our Merchandising Management team researches the area where the store is located and advise on the merchandising combination that is appropriate for the store and even helps with the display for each category and where in the stop should a certain type of cloth

Training for success

The Training is done on a regular basis and inculdes company knowledge, product knowledge, customer servicing rules, team building exercises and motivational talks to keep the thoughts and ideas fresh in the minds of the manager and sales staff.

Helping build consumer delight

We share ideas and visual aids, once every year to do up the store. Half Ticket's dedicated radio station created by the famous fever channel is broadcast at each of the Franchisee stores. We will share sales person each year making sure your sales team is smartly turned out.

Consumers Connect

To build a customer base for the Franchisee our technology systems will inculde communications with the customers on a live platform that will update each customer through SMS messaging and e-emailers on newer merchandise, season sales, festivals promotions or on any individual schemes that are developed from time to time. This helps build the equity of each store.

Consumer Care

A dedicated support desk for the customer is available for grievance redemptions through the working weak.


How it will work ?

If you have a commerical property with a carpet area of 1000sq ft with a minimum of 25 ft frontage in a city with a population of over 5lacs on a busy High Street/ mall or a developing area catering to the middle class, you need to get going fast.

Merchandising Plan


Here's how it all works out in your favor:

Invest & gain

Entire investment on stocks by the company.

No worries about unsold stocks

We will take them back and replace them with fast moving items.

We provide the discount

The cost of discount will be borne by us.

Freight is our responsibility

Here too we will bear the cost.

We'll provide you Store Facilitator

It will be someone with experience who will train your team for the showroom.

We pay interest on security deposit

We will free you from financial legal compliances and GST will be borne by the company.


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